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True Goo Tire Sealant
New Technology to keep the air in your tires.


Welcome!  To the website for True Goo Tire Sealant, the world's finest tire sealant!

Using True Goo Tire Sealant will keep the air in your tires saving you time, money, and aggravation.

True Goo Tire Sealant is a fluid that is installed into air filled tires to prevent losing air pressure.  True Goo Tire Sealant uses remarkable, unique, new, and patented technologies that makes True Goo a low viscosity (very thin), highly mobile, fluid that seals air leaks very aggressively. True Goo is used on a wide range of tires from bicycles to trucks and heavy equipment.

True Goo Tire Sealant provides the following benefits:

Superior Puncture Sealing and Air Retention.   True Goo Tire Sealant will seal holes from punctures much better than other tire sealants.  For example, in our mountain bike tire demonstration, a medium sized sharpened nail is used to puncture the tire.  Using True Goo the puncture is sealed almost immediately and completely (no bubbling or fluid leakage) as the tire is rolled.  In stark contrast, performing this demonstration using a latex based sealant results in a spray of sealant and air until the tire is flat.  When a fiber based sealant is used the thick fluid is slow to seal, with the tire losing a significant portion or all of it's air, and the resulting seal bubbles and oozes out sealant over time resulting in a flat tire.  The bicycle tire demonstration clearly shows the sealing superiority of True Goo over the other types of sealants, providing a quick airtight seal where the other sealant can't.

The next demonstration of  True Goo is done by pounding a 1/4" spike into a tubeless sports car tire.  When the spike is removed, the leak is sealed by rolling the tire over once.  Soapy water is used to show that the leak does not bubble and is completely sealed.  This demonstration can also be done using a finger sized rod pounded into a 100+ psi heavy duty semi size truck tire.  When the rod is removed a  howling leak is formed.  When the tire is rotated, the leak is sealed with a loud whack, which sounds like hitting the tire as hard as you can with a baseball bat.  Again, soapy water is used to show that there is no bubbling and that the leak is completely sealed.  These very loud  demonstrations show off the impressive puncture sealing capability of True Goo.

Seals Tube or Tubeless Tires:  True Goo Tire Sealant works on both tube and tubeless tires.  True Goo has no fibers so it can be used on tubeless tires (sealants that contain fibers should not be used on tubeless tires due to causing bead leaks and valve plugging).

Seals Bead Leaks:  True Goo is effective in sealing most of the bead leaks that can occur when tubeless tires are mounted.  The low viscosity (thinness) and aggressive sealing properties of True Goo allow it to reach and seal the bead area.

Protects Balance:   True Goo acts as a good balancing fluid.  The low viscosity of True Goo has been engineered to put it in the "Sweet Spot" for tire balancing (if True Goo were thinner it would not balance tires as well, and conversely, if True Goo were thicker it would not balance tires as remarkably as it does).  The thin film of True goo that  coats the inside of the tire dynamically adjusts to balance the tire as the tire rolls. 

Protects Rims from Rust:   True Goo has additives that protect steel and aluminum rims from rust and corrosion.  True Goo will not chemically react with the tire, previously installed patches, or paint on the rim.

Protects Valves:  True Goo won't clog the valve or cause valve leaks like other sealants.

Provides All-Weather Protection:   True Goo is very temperature stable and will not clump up in tires left sitting or gel up and thump as is common with the other sealants. 

Non-Toxic & Environmentally Friendly: True Goo Tire Sealant is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive, non-irritating and environmentally friendly.  When spilled, True Goo can be wiped up and True Goo is safe to be rinsed to a drain.  True Goo should not be ingested.

New Technology:  The amazing performance of True Goo Tire Sealant is made possible by unique, new, and patented technologies that allow True Goo to seal much better while not having the downfalls that have plagued other tire sealants. 

True Goo is a highly polar polymer.  True Goo has flat sealing particles from macroscopic (particles that you can see) to colloid sized (only a few atoms wide) microscopic particles.  These particles are coated with a bipolar molecular layer that forces the particles, via close proximity electrostatic forces, to lay flat, interlock, and form a very good seal.  Higher pressure in the tires makes the sealing action even more aggressive.

True Goo works much better than other tire sealants.  However, not even True Goo can solve all leaks.  For safety sake, pay attention to the condition of your tires and do not use bad, worn out, or damaged tires. 

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