True Goo Tire Sealant. The Most Effective Tire Sealant.

True Goo Tire Sealant works better.

True Goo Seals Better-Saving you Time, Money, and Aggravaiton.

If you like the "mass market" brightly colored tire sealants, and want a sealant that just works better, True Goo Tire Sealant is for you.  True Goo has one formulation (not the multiple formulations adaptations of the others) that works better in all of your tires.

True Goo is a unique, low viscosity fluid that is used inside of tube or tubeless tires, from bicycles to heavy equipment, to prevent losing air due to leaks or punctures.


True Goo Tire Sealant will seal your tires much better, including the sidewall and bead areas.  True Goo Tire Sealant will not cause the problems that are common with using the other sealants, such as valve fouling, corrosion, toxicity, and tire balancing problems.

True Goo Tire Sealant comes in 8 oz bottles, 32 oz quart bottles, and the very convenient shop gallon with a 1 oz/stroke measuring pump.   We also have True Goo Tubes,  excellent quality bicycle inner tubes that have True Goo already installed.

True Goo Tire Sealant is non-toxic and proudly made in the USA.


True Goo Tire Sealant

True Goo Tire Sealant Products, 8 oz bottle, quart, Shop Gallon w/ 1 oz/stroke measuring pump, tubes

Professional Quality Tire Sealant

At True Goo Products we are committed to producing and distributing the best tire sealant available for tube or tubeless tires.  We also provide quality tubes with True Goo Tire Sealant already installed.

True Goo Tire Sealant Orders are promptly and carefully packed.  Contact us directly at 303 772-0209

Website and Wholesale/Industrial orders

Orders are promptly and carefully packed.  Wholesale/Industrial/Bulk customers can contact us directly at 303 772-0209 or by email at  We are happy to get you set up or answer any questions.  

True Goo Products  Tubes protected by True Goo Tire Sealant ready for wholesale delivery.

True Goo Tire Sealant is Unique

True Goo Tire Sealant uses remarkable technology that makes True Goo a low viscosity (very thin), highly mobile, fluid that seals air leaks very aggressively.  True Goo Tire Sealant can seal the leaks the others can't.

True Goo Tire Sealant is used on a wide range of tires from bicycles to trucks and heavy equipment.

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